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Correct skincare order using FW Beauty

Many skincare brands have many right and wrong way or using their products. so which one is right? 
Well each brand have their own order because they know how well their products well in which order. This is why its important to use products from the same family to ensure you get the best results. 
It matters and this is why...
Applying your skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. The skin’s job is to keep things out, but many of the skin care products we use have ingredients we want to get in. Only a very small amount of these key ingredients can penetrate the skin, even when perfectly formulated and perfectly applied. If you don’t apply products in the correct order, you will not see the best results from your skin care regimen.
Lets start layering.
An easy rule of thumb to follow is to apply your products with the thinnest consistency to thickest, or from liquid to cream. but you also want to first use the products with the ingredients that are most important to penetrate into the skin (like antioxidants in serums) and finish with the products that need to sit on top of the skin (like emollients and humectants in moisturizers.
Morning alarm.....lets start 
1) Cleanse away.
When you don't wash your face properly the dust particles stay in the pores of your skin which interrupts the breathing of your skin, which can ultimately result in skin problems such as acne, whiteheads, blackheads etc. Washing your face properly in the morning and at night to prevents your skin from suffocation.
Use the right cleanser for your skin type to prevent over cleansing and stripping away your skin. 
Many facial powder cleansers also contain enzymes that are activated upon the addition of water and can give an additional level of cleansing and exfoliation. A powder cleanser is a great way to combine exfoliating and a cleansing step in one go. 
In reality, bar soaps are just as good as if not better than your average liquid face or body wash.Today's bar soaps are made with gentle cleansing agents and active ingredients to cater to every skin type and concern including dry, oily, sensitive, and acne-prone.

2) Start Toning

Most people choose to skip toners, partly because there’s a lingering assumption that most toners are harsh and irritate the skin. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. While they don’t physically “shrink” pores, the new breed of toners can serve multiple purposes, like act as a delivery system for antioxidants. each type of toner is intended for a different skin issue, so it’s important to use the right kind for your skin concern. Toners were created to help return the skin’s pH after it became too basic from harsh soaps. 

3) Hydration
It is important to help our skin perform at its best. Skin that is not hydrated enough will become dry, tight and flaky. Hydrated skin looks healthier, smoother and softer. When your skin is well hydrated it is more supple, plump and resilient. Hyaluronic acid supplements can help increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Topical treatments can soothe redness and dermatitis, while injections can make skin appear firmer.
4) Serums
A face serum is a potent concentrate of active ingredients that targets specific skincare concerns such as dark spots, anti-ageing, acne, clogged pores, redness, and uneven skin tone. It penetrates deeply into the skin, which makes it much more powerful and effective than other body care products. A serum is a skin care product that you apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturising with the intent to deliver a potent shot of ingredients directly into your skin. 
5) Moisturise 
Everyone needs a moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. Even though your body has its own natural lubricating system consisting of glands that secrete oil (or sebum) to maintain a protective coating against harsh outside conditions and infections, most of us do need extra hydration after the havoc that sun, weather and harsh chemicals wreak on our skin. Moisturizing Reduces Skin Problems – Moisturizing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne. Conceals Other Skin Blemishes Using a daily moisturizer ensures that the skin's blemishes are camouflaged. Its important to use the correct elixir for your skin type. 
6) SPF
There is no point in spending money, time and effort if you are not going to protect your skin from further damage. SPF has considerable benefits for your skin, notably protecting it from UV rays that cause wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and uneven pigmentation. SPF moisturiser products, when applied regularly, have been proven to help prevent these visible signs of ageing. 

Night night....its time for bed.

As your skin naturally repairs itself at night, your nighttime routine should be all about treatment and giving your skin what it needs. Its a good idea to take the day off which is currently resting on your skin. do not take it to bed. 

1) Double cleanse 

To get rid of the day’s grime, dirt, oil and makeup, some experts recommend removing your makeup first with a dedicated makeup remover before washing your face with a gentle cleanser. In the Asian art of double cleansing, removing makeup and skin cleansing are two separate steps (and facial wipes do not count).The first step is to take off your makeup. This is the step where you would typically use a cleansing bar. The second step is to use a cleansing powder to remove all the excess sebum, dirt and makeup you loosened up on the first step. This leaves your skin fresh and perfectly prepped to absorb your skin regimen.

2) Tone

If you use a toner, apply it as you would in the morning.

At night, some people also like to layer various types of skincare boosters, which you’ll see as either mists, essences, beauty waters or hydrating (hyaluronic acid) serums. These are infused with different active ingredients, but for the most part, the purpose is mainly to hydrate and nourish skin.

3) serums and eye care

Aside from addressing crow’s feet and dark circles, eye creams can also serve to protect your delicate eye area from your other skin care products.Eye gels are wonderful  to smooth, refresh, and help diminish puffiness. The light, silky texture of most eye gels also works well under makeup. The rich eye gel can cause concealer to crease into lines and shorten the wear time of eyeliner and mascara, problems that eye gels typically don't cause.

4) Treatments and serums

Like the rest of the body, skin does the bulk of its repairing, restoring and regenerating as we sleep. This is why most targeted skin care treatments—like prescription meds , retinol creams, exfoliating treatments (peel pads and masks) and anti-aging serums (infused with peptides, growth factors and other biologically active ingredients)—are better used at night. However, instead of layering up all your treatment serums and creams,choosing your evening treatment depending on your skin’s of-the-moment needs.

5) Moisturise and repair

Some people use the same moisturizer for day and night. However, night moisturizers or night creams are generally thicker and heavier and designed to be absorbed over the course of several hours.Night cream supplies moisture to the dry parts of your face. Your night cream boosts collagen in your skin. The cream also helps in better blood circulation. Use the right one before bed and you'll wake up to radiant, moisturized, fresh-looking skin that needs less (or no) makeup, feels great all day, and in many cases, will have people demanding, “What are you using on your skin?

Our Bakuchi Gold is the perfect night oil as its a plant based retinol alternative, without all the negative effect. 


Timing matters 

Aside from the order of application, some experts believe it’s also important to consider the time it takes for your skin to absorb your products. However, since most of us are often in a rush to get somewhere, We understands that this isn’t always possible. So we advice to keep your skin care routine simple. In cases products may take anywhere from five to 30 minutes before the next step to ensure proper absorption. a little goes a long way and as the saying goes Rome wasn't built in one day. So do not rush your skin and drawn it with excess product. 

To mask or not to mask?

You should defiantly mask! but not everyday. It helps to clear skin of impurities, without over-drying. All you need to do is smooth a generous layer over your face post-cleanse and wash off after 5-10 minutes to reveal how it's helped to mop up excess oil and clear the complexion. Try masking at least once a week to twice if you are oily. 


FW Beauty mask can be applied after using the complexion bar and then use the powder cleanser after your masking session. to really take off anything left behind. after all you do not want anything to be stuck inside pores. 

For when you do not have makeup then its best to have a masking session first and then go in with your cleansers. 

When do I use the balm?

Well the balm is a replacement to your day elixir. It has been formulated for those with extreme dry skin like those with eczema. As its thicker in texture, it lasts sitting on the skin longer and there for keeping the skin moisturised for longer. Apply the Saffron balm on clean skin before applying your moisturiser. As the balm is your moisturiser so it will take its place. 

If in double its best to start off with 3 items and build on that. 


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