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Easing back into wearing makeup - FWBEAUTY

Ramadan has now come to an end and we are getting back to our normal skincare and beauty routines. Many of us will have taken a conscious decision to complete stop wearing makeup or wear very little. This break has allowed our skin more time to reset, restore and breathe.

Here are a few things to consider before wearing makeup after a long break:

  • Ensure you are always prepping your skin before applying any makeup
  • Keep your skin hydrated, this can be done with a serum or by drinking plenty of water
  • Make sure your makeup brushes and sponges are clean! This is important
  • Use makeup that's specifically made for your skin type
  • Never Sleep in Your Makeup.
  • We always recommend opting for makeup with Non-
    comedogenic rating.
  • Choose Powder-based/mineral Makeup Instead of Liquids.
  • Try Switching Brands.
  • Go Bare Whenever Possible.
  • Opt for hybrid cosmetics - wear spf and incorporate spf in makeup too
Opt for our light weight Sheer Veil BB CreamBring tired looking skin back to life!

t’s the secret to glowing, soft-focused skin that looks sun-kissed and lit-from-within! A hybrid product between skincare and makeup, with added benefit of broad-spectrum spf 30.

Remember less is always more! Take this as a new start so this means a new clean routine. Analyse skin and see how it has changed and if you need to change your makeup or tweak how much you use.

This is the Perfect time to pick up a new routine for a new look.

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