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Bakuchi Gold - Retinol Alternative



What are facial oils?

Facial oils are substances that help complement our natural oils and serve as an extra level of protection for our skin. FWBEAUTY facial oils are specially tailored to work with your natural oils to help keep your skin balanced. Our facial oils are all plant-based and because they include range of potent ingredients, the potential benefits on your skin are endless. They can also aid your anti-aging routine and provide antibacterial and healing properties. 


What are the benefits of Bakuchi Gold?

Bakuchiol is the plant-based, natural alternative to Retinol; perfect for those who find Vitamin A, a little too irritating. In the same way as retinol, it benefits acne prone and ageing skin but without the negative side effects that retinol can have. These include dry and flaky skin, irritation, inflammation or increased photosensitisation. It is really for everyone, whether your skin is feeling; dry, oily, a little bit of both, sensitive or even normal. It is really about whether you need a little extra boost in your skincare routine to add a layer of protection and hydration. It is also the perfect night time oil as our skin goes through reparative stages when we sleep, so bedtime is the perfect time to apply nourishing, hydrating, and anti-aging products that will get to work on your complexion and leave you that much happier when you wake up! Although the structure of Bakuchiol differs from Retinol, it has the same ability to up-regulate the production of collagen types I, III and IV. Collagen is an essential component of preventing ageing, as the skin's main structural protein of connective tissue in the body.

Although our facial oils are suitable for all skin types, the Bakuchi Gold has been specifically formulated for normal to dry, hyperpigmentation or sun damaged or mature skin.


  1. Apply 2-3 drops of elixir onto your palm
  2. Elixir should be applied over the entire face, neck and décolletage.
  3. Gently press on with the fingertips. It's best to allow it to penetrate for a few minutes prior to applying another product.

Note: Elixir is applied after Saffron gold once absorbed.


Psoralea Corylifolia, Rosa Moschata, Prunus Armeniaca, Prunus Dulcis, Aloe Barbadensis, Tocopherol, 24k Gold, Boswellia, Rosa

As this is a natural, handmade product, the colour, scent and texture may vary from batch to batch. 




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