Here is what we recommend for a full body care routine for those who suffer from stretchmarks. Please also read below the table addressing specific skin conditions and types relating to stretchmarks.

*Like all of our products, please always do a 24 hour trial test to check for sensitivity.

Daily routine


During your daily shower/bath use the coffee scrub to exfoliate your body.

1)      Take ½ hand full for each part of the body

2)      In a circular motion start to rub this on the skin, gently massaging this which will exfoliate the skin at the same time.

3)      Spend about 2-3 minutes on each area of the body

4)      Rinse off after



Use the saffron body car to clean the skin. This can be used in the case provided or on its own.

This has a mixture of ingredient which helps to tackle body acne, hyper-pigmentation and has anti-bacterial properties. Avoid using it on the face as it will be too harsh.

1) Cleanse until it lathers.

2) Leave the lather on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing it off



After your shower/bath apply saffron body oil. This helps to fade stretchmarks and evens out skin texture. Note the darker the marks and longer they have been there, it will take you longer to see results.

1)      Take some of the oil into your palm of your hand and spread it evenly.

2)      Apply the oil directly over the skin and massage until absorbed

As this has saffron in it, it will stain so wait until properly absorbed before clothing.

For best results we recommend in apply the oil 2-3 times a day.



If you are using these products for the first time, then we advise for you to gradually build up the routine. This is because our skin needs time to adjust and accept new products. If you feel you wish to add another item, we would strongly advice for you to only do that once your skin has adjusted. Usually with acne prone skin, they are sensitive and many things can trigger the break out. Changes must be implemented in stages.


Stretchmarks and oily skin recommendation:-

Same as above, the fully body care routine. Try not to apply too much.

Eczema and stretchmarks

Same as above, the full body care routine. Add saffron intensive balm over the eczema areas.

  • Apply the oil after daily shower and over stretchmarks (day and night)
  • Apply balm over eczema several times a day (a little goes a long way)

Stretchmarks and sensitive skin.

With sensitive skin it is very unpredictable, as everyone’s sensitivity levels are different. With all of our products we always advice to do a 24 hour trial test to check of your skin reacts. If it doesn’t then you can continue to do the full routine as above, however we would say to half the amount of usage in product application. As it may be too strong for sensitive skin and it needs longer to adjust.

Eczema and mature skin

Same as above, the full body care routine. With mature skin, the skin would of started to lose its collegians and elasticity in the skin.  In most cases the damage is done however the body care can prevent it from progress faster.

Do I have to get all the products mentioned?

No. However in order to have a more realist result it is advised to complete each step. Less product = less result. If you are looking for some key items then we would coffee scrub and body oil.