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The New and Improved Saffron Gold Brightening Serum

Thousands of you are already familiar with this product. Thanks to the dramatic changes on tackling hyperpigmentation, soothing and smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes, and improving the overall look of the delicate skin under the eyes, the Saffron Gold has been loved by many... So why change something that is ready so high up in the shelf of standards? Well we couldn't help ourselves! As a brand that is dedicated to give you proven remedies from ancient skincare rituals using botanicals known to work wonders on your skin, we just knew we can make the already start product Saffron Gold, even better! 

So here you have it, the New and Improved Saffron Gold Under Eye Brightening Serum!

Saffron Gold FWBEAUTY

So what makes this new formula more specials? Well seeing is believing so let us just show you how we have improved it by telling you what botanicals have been put into this powerful little bottle of magic!

But wait, there's more!

Yes, you have read that correctly! We have 20 precious botanicals in the new formula, along with the 24K Gold Flakes, to help your improve the hyperpigmentation, dark circles, lines and wrinkles, skin texture under your eyes!

Saffron Gold Brightening Serum

Yes that is correct, although it has been formulated for use under the eyes, this potent mix can be used anywhere on your skin where you have been suffering from hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, dark spots, marks or scarring or uneven skin tone and help you look more moisturised, hydrated and soothe your skin. It also helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Can this only be used under the eyes though? No! It can be used anywhere where you are looking for a more even skin tone, improvement of texture and overall appearance of the skin!

Yes but do natural products really work? 

Natural products do work! The regime may be different to synthetic products, but results can be quite dramatic. We do not dilute our products, we do not use extracts or fragrance. We use pure ingredients, either via cold pressing or distillation process. This gives you 100% of the goodness contained within the botanical and also means you reap 100% of the benefits!

Natural ingredients do require a strong skincare routine, you do not need to keep at it to see visible results. This will not magically transform your skin overnight (although you will see a noticeable difference in your skin) but natural products do require a strict routine to be followed where you use the product religiously. But the results are remarkable!

Saffron Gold Brightening Serum

Yes, but other products can give me results quicker.

We specialise in giving you 100% natural ingredients that have been formulated mostly by hand. They have been harvested at the optimal time to capture their healing benefits, and do not use any chemicals that can potentially seep in to your skin, which we know that skincare can! Everything we put on our skin is absorbed through our skin, the benefit of using natural ingredients is that it can do no harm to your body, as your body is, too, natural and will actually benefit from the botanicals used. This can have a positive impact on your mind and body and is generally a healthier alternative overall.

(Results after 1 week of using Saffron Gold Brightening Serum) 

How long until I actually see results?

The Saffron Gold Brightening Serum is very potent, like mentioned above, we have packed over 20 Botanicals by extracting their precious oils and packed it into a 15ml bottle. This means a little goes a very long way and also means that you will see results quicker than you did with our previous formula. Customers often notice a change of the appearance of their skin almost straight away. It immediately looks more healthy, glowing and hydrated. The hyperpigmentation starts fading at around 4-6 weeks. (Remember the hyperpigmentation didn't appear overnight so it cannot disappear overnight as well). We do have to repeat that you do need to be applying the Saffron Gold every day and night (or during the day if you are substituting it with the Saffron Under Eye Night Repair at night times) to see great results. You will continue to see results as the weeks progress and will need to use continuously to maintain those results.

A healthy lifestyle, sleep and nourishment is also recommended to improve your overall health, which can be a factor of the hyperpigmentation has appeared in the first place.

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