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FW Beauty is a UK Brand created by two sisters Fatiha and Yasmine. Their belief is that natural and handmade skincare products developed with organic & high-end luxury ingredients which are highly effective, should be available to everyone. Together they have created a line of tried and tested beauty rituals from all around the world, handed down from generation to generation.  A line of premium Skin, Hair and Body care products, sourced from ingredients of the Earth.


Our Vision

To be most influential natural skin/hair/body care brand. At FW Beauty our ambition is not to be the biggest company. We believe in keeping it a family owned business. What drives us is sharing the passion and benefits of our products. Our vision is to introduce natural organic products to our customers taking it back to nature.


Our mission

To expand our knowledge on natural ingredients and create exceptional products, educate and give back to consumers worldwide.

 We put a lot of efforts in providing our customers with the best ingredients, knowledge through online platforms, offering consultation or publishing literature as well as making fantastic products, that are natural and organic, great quality that are amazing for your skin and overall well-being.

 We want to be able to share our products with our customers all across the world. We have a passion for providing our customers with the best and offer monthly free giveaways. That’s how much we believe in our range.

 We work hard to deliver excellence in everything we do. Being ethical in different aspects of our business is a priority for us, be it in how we work, how we deal with and treat others or in the ingredients we purchase.

 We want to empower not only our staff but all of our customers to have the ability to love their skin, hair and body. Making handmade products is heart of what we do. From developing new processes to creating new products. We are always open to new ideas in the ever expanding world of natural and organic.


The Magic

At FW Beauty we believe in providing 100% of the benefits to our customers by not diluting our ingredients. Over the years we have invested in our methods of formulation to ensure our in-house production is always of it highest quality. There are very few handmade cosmetics brands available today showcasing their artisan skills in producing their own products. Each handmade product is unique & good for the environment as it doesn’t require factories or large machinery.. Handmade products are also supporting the local economy and most importantly it withstands time. There is a story behind each product we have developed, delivered directly from the maker. 

FW Facts

Our pro product “the saffron collection” takes 11 weeks to formulate, making this potent and powerful. ·        

All the 24k gold and silver flakes are individually crushed and placed by hand in each elixir bottle. Our ingredients are only sourced from certified farmers who we have worked with closely over the years, to ensure we are getting the best harvest.

Each and every product has been certified and stability tested according to cosmetic science legislation. With the growing trend of “bedroom sellers” of natural and organic starter business, we differ our self to ensure the safety or our customers but ensuring all the right checks and test have been carried out.         

Our ingredients are plant based and we do not believe in testing on animals. We do not use any ingredients that has been fermented in alcohol or derived from animals.

FW Beauty take pride in being involved in every step of the way of product development. From creating on formula to testing the creation, all the way through to designing the final look.