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Don’t Let Your Hijab damage your hair

Hijabi's hair problems 

What is the hijab. A form of empowerment, modesty, a covering that gives you a sense of pride. A common challenge faced by the Hijabi community is the unfortunate result of hair loss. 


Dry hair

As muslim women wears the hijab majority of the day. Which means the material is more likely to soak up any natural oils on the scalp and the strands. causing it to dry up faster than normal. Dry hair also equals to frizzy and brittle hair. 

Under scarf


Hair breakage


With the constance rubbing of the hijab on the hair, this can cause hair fall out and breakage. Most Muslim women also wear a volumiser or a under scarf under the hijab, which can add extra weight and tension. Causing the fail calicoes to be weaker and causing hair fall out. 

hair scrunchie

Receding hair line 

Our hair line is weaker than most part of the head and also the first sign of hair loose showing through. For women wearing the hijab, as the scarf is tightly wrapped around the hair line to ensure hair is showing, This adds extra tension. The hair is unable to breath and move freely. constant friction. 

These are the interconnected difficulties, part and parcel of wearing the hijab. But where there are problems, there are solutions. Healthy hair is only a few interventions away:

If your hijab is hampering your hair from being its healthiest, this guide will be the sustenance you need.

Scalp massage 

It’s a primitive tradition practised by our grandmother’s, aunts and our mothers and you know the old saying… our mothers know best. Not only is a scalp massage relaxing after a long day of work but it promotes blood circulation which is required for hair growth (Koyama et al, 2016). Argan oil is a cherished topical oil which both prevents hair loss and adds moisturise to hair (Guillame and Charrouf, 2011). The Saffron Hair Elixir at FW beauty, containing Argan oil is used to promote hair growth and repair damaged hair. Additionally it has 3 other oils namely coconut, olive and caster oil that have their own benefits. The elixir is applied onto the scalp like any other hair oil. A key practise when applying the elixir is using your fingertips and massaging your scalp in circular motion to promote blood circulation. It is recommended that the elixir is left in your hair overnight for the best results.


Let your hair breath

The scalp lives in a more humid environment when you are wearing the hijab causing excess sebum production and excess sweat leading to a build up of bacteria. Bhringraj which is considered as a magical and rejuvenating herb can help with the hair disorders caused by humidity; dandruff, hair fall and balding to name a few (Kumari et al, 2021). The Brhingraj and Amla herbal hair clay mask at FW beauty is powered by bio active ingredients and reverses the damages caused by environmental factors. The application is non exhaustive as it only requires to be applied 1-2 times a week and only needs to stay in for 20-30 minutes. This is a perfect form of self care when you should let your hair breathe and let your hair down. An alteration you can make to your hijab style is by wearing a breathable fabric like silk or chiffon as these fabrics have a thin layer and so do not hamper the airflow on your scalp.

Hair mist 

You’re nearly there and this last intervention is for your night time routine. A hair mist is crucial to nourish your hair helping it retain the water it needs. At FW beauty the saffron hydrate mist does exactly that as it maintains the elasticity, softness, shine and strength of your hair. It can be applied on dry or damp hair and an additional benefit of the hydrate mist is that it leaves a pleasant fragrance in your hair. 



Let your hair breath

When you do get the chance, let your hear breath. Take the hair band out, run your fingers through your hair. Most women who wear the hijab usually do not use heat tools, so there is a good chance for your hair to bounce back. Hair under the scarf can trap many moisture from sweat or even the weather such as rain. So let it breath. 

Less volume is better

Loose hair styles and less tight bands are better. This will stop pulling on your hair.   weighing your hair down. More so satin scrunchies are much more manageable and does not pull on your hair when taking it out. it still gives you some volume yet it much softer. 





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