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Does hard water really cause hair loss?

Hair loss has many causes. 
But does hard water really cause hair loss. Well yes and no!! An important factor that many people ignore is the water quality. Hard water can affect the health of your hair which can indirectly lead to hair loss or at least the appearance of it. Hard water damages the hair making it brittle, it can cause split ends, make your hair frizzy and also contribute to hair thinning.
It contains lots of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and copper in a high proportion. Magnesium is responsible for taking away the shine from the hair, making it dry and unmanageable.
So hard water isn't good for your hair however it is not the only cause of hair loss. Some of the most common hair loss concerns are linked to genetics, lifestyle maladies, serious health disorders, or psychological well-being.
What are the measures you can take prevent damage caused by hard water?
1.  Soften your water by installing a filter to your water system. This can be pretty expensive and complex, so an easier and cheaper solution is to opt for shower filters that you just attach to your showerhead.
2. Use natural remedies as part of your hair washing ritual. Mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 3 cups of water, you get a softer solution for rinsing your hair.
3. Add lemon/lime to your water. The mixture will help break down the residual salts and minerals that might be leftover from shampooing. 
Also remember to treat your hair the same as you would with your skin. Our scalp needs the same TLC as our skin. It's important to look after the health of your scalp in order to have healthy hair.
We have incorporated the much loved spice Saffron in our Hair care range, the antioxidant properties in saffron are great for preventing hair loss along with many other benefits

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