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Skincare Starter Set- Dry/Normal Skin Bundle


Our Starter package for Dry/Normal Skin!

Limited edition 

FWBeauty are bringing you a skincare starter package for each skin type. 

For anyone that has neglected taking care of themselves and wants to turn things around next year; or new to skincare who wants to implement a skincare structure and routine for the year ahead or maybe you know of someone that would really appreciate this as a gift to help start 2021 positively- This bundle is for you!

We have also been working on our first ever Skincare Journal! 

A personal space for you to note down your thoughts, goals, changes and everything else that comes along with a skin journey.  Our journal is a friend who is with you on your day to day life, reminding you of your steps, skin tips, motivating you and educating you on a your favourite FWBEAUTY products. 

Use the journal to write down your goals, keep a daily log, remind yourself of things you are grateful for everyday, tackle your problems, pin point your stresses. 

Want to be on top of your skincare in 2021? Our skincare journal is your answer!

Our 8 week skincare checklist within the journal will help you remain consistent with your morning and evening routine which will mean better results resulting in better skin! At the end of your skincare journal you can sit down and reflect on how far you have come and give yourself a pat on your back! 

This bundle includes: 

Clear Complexion Facial Cleansing Bar 20g/e

Rice Cleansing Powder 20g/e

Saffron Water Facial Toning Mist 50mls/e

Saffron Skin Quench 15mls/e

Saffron Gold Brightening Serum 10mls/e

Black Gold Nourishing Facial Oil 15mls/e

a NEW and improved Suncream SPF50 which we are super excited for you to try! 50mls/e

All information and directions, ingredient and further information on each product will be included in the journal.

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