Hair Brush


What are natural bamboo hair brushes?

Bamboo hair brushes are durable and long-lasting, making them a perfect sustainable option. The main benefits of a bamboo hairbrush are a healthy scalp, frizz reduction, improved circulation, increased shine, hair growth, and sustainability.

Benefit from:

Less static, gentler detangling, shiner hair, & massaged scalp.

Bamboo bristles stimulate and massage the scalp when you use them. Massaging the scalp increases sebum production, which means softer, shinier hair. It also increases blood flow to the area, which  helps to strengthen hair and improve its overall health. Healthier hair will break less, and you grow faster.


14cm x 6cm x 3.5cm (L, W, H)

(Please note- due to hygiene reasons: no refund or returns are available on this product. Purchasing our natural bamboo brush you agree to have read this clause on returns and refund).

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