Gold Elixir Skin Balancing Facial oil with key ingredients Jojoba Oil infused in 24K Gold. It is a leave on moisturising facial oil developed for, but not limited to, Oily, Combination or Sensitive Skin.

What are the Key Benefits

  • Lightweight Facial Oil
  • Seals in moisture but allows skin to breath
  • Help control the oil production on skin
  • Anti-aging - promotes skin regeneration
  • soothes redness/ Calms skin
  • counteracts acne formation

After 4 weeks of Wearing Gold Elixir Customers Have noticed

  • Skin looks less oily and more balanced
  • Skin looks more glowy and healthier
  • marks and blemishes reducing
  • Skin feels soft and supple
  • Skin looks more youthful
  • Skin looks clearer/brighter

(Collected via Customer Feedback four weeks after product purchase)

Key beneficial ingredients

  • 24K Gold-helps fade fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen boost for the skin.
  • Jojoba Oil- stops producing excess oil, clears skin from marks and scarring
  • Rosehip - Skin Repairing, Anti-aging, Skin firming
  • Chamomile- Soothing, Calming

How to use Gold Elixir

ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST WHEN TRYING A SKINCARE PRODUCT FOR THE FIRST TIME. A patch test can be performed by applying a small amount of product on a small area of the jaw line and monitoring or sensitivity for at least 48 hours.

Apply on clean skin. Shake Bottle.Squeeze top a couple of times to allow fresh oil to travel up the dropper. Apply 3-6 drops of Gold Elixir all over face. Apply more drops if required. Gold Elixir should be applied over the entire face, neck and décolletage. Massage into the skin. Leave on. It is best to allow it to penetrate for a few minutes prior to layering products.


Simmondsia Chinesis, Rosa Mosqueta, Vitis Vinifera, Tocopherol, 24 Carat Gold, Matricaria Chamomilla

As this is a natural, handmade product, the colour, scent and texture may vary from batch to batch.



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