Fine lines & Wrinkles skin


Here is what we recommend for a full skincare routine for those who suffer from fine lines & wrinkle skin. Please also read below the table addressing specific skin conditions and types relating to wrinkles.

*Like all of our products, please always do a trial test before starting a routine to check for sensitivity. Although it’s natural and organic, everyone has different sensitivity levels and it may not be suitable.

*If using the products for the first time, then start off with 2-3 products first and as the week goes by add a product to your routine. This allows the time for your skin to adjust and adapt.

*it is normal for skin to purge which can last from 2-5 weeks depending on individuals cell turn over. Purging is good as it pushes everything to the surface as it heals from underneath.

Morning routine


Start off with cleansing your face with our clear complexion bar or cleansing powder. (depending on your skin type eg oily, dry ect)

We suggest to cut the bar into 4-5 parts. This is to ensure that you do not contaminate the entire bar if you have got active acne or breakouts. This will help to the spread of bacterial. You would simple place the current cut our bar on the plastic tray provided in your skincare routine place, while the other parts can be wrapped up in the protective paper and put back into the box. Placed in a dry cool place.


Next step would be toning. We recommend our saffron toner. It is alcohol free saffron infused. A toner helps to clean deep within the pores and helps to take off any last bit of the cleanser. It also helps to balance out your skins PH level. For dry skin we would recommend you to use a toner every 2/3 times a week and not every day.

It is possible due to the ingredients and depending on how your skin is, it may sting, or feel tight.  Use your own initiative to avoid or to work around the extremely problematic areas.  You do not need to wash your face after toner. 

At this point it is very normal for the skin to feel tight. As you would have just cleaned and taken off your natural oils from the skin. The skin needs a little time to re-produce that back, however there are things we can do to help.


To add hydration to the skin we suggest in using our Pure Skin Quench. This is a plant based hyaluronic acid which adds hydration back into the skin. If applied on damp or wet skin, the hydration is absorbed faster in to the skin. However if your skin is dry you can skill apply this.

It is very normal for the skin quench to sometimes change its texture from a gel like to more runny. As this is natural and plant base and we do not use any emulsifiers to hold its structure. This does not take any of the benefits away from the product. OUR PRODUCT HAS 2% HA.


This is going to be the most important part of the skincare routine. We recommend in using Black Gold.

This oil is infused with black seed which is known as the blessed seed. It will help to pump up the skin, repair any damages, and add a glow and over time helps to keep fine lines away. This is very good for those have dry skin as it also helps to nourish it.


The finishing touch to your day skincare routine is to apply a SPF to protect your skin from further damage. Our SPF only requires you to use a 5p amount for the entire face.

We also mention not to layer products, what this means is:-

If you are using products from another brand, we do not know the percentage and if this will react with our products. Also if you are using any of our other products such as saffron gold, then you would apply half a drop of the saffron gold (under the eye) let that absorb before applying black gold. Take it up to the edge of the saffron gold. This is to ensure each oil have sufficient amount of time to work its benefits, without having the structure of the oil change by overlapping other products. This may become too potent. However if you have trailed it out and you are not affected by it, then you can carry on.

What to Expect:-

-Possible skin purging, it is very normal for skin to break out further and rapidly whilst on this routine. However once the acne has been tackled and the skin under it starts to settle, clearer skin will begin to show.

-Possible reaction, as we do not dilute our ingredients it may be possible that you react to a certain ingredient, hence why a trial must be done. If you are having a reaction then please stop the use of that particular product. (may not be all)

-Results may take between 6-8 weeks

-Skin texture may change from oily to dry, it may seem flaky. All this is normal as skin is simply trying to shed the acne prone layer.

Night time routine


Start off with cleansing your face with our clear complexion bar or cleansing powder.


Next step would be toning. We recommend our saffron toner.


To add hydration to the skin we suggest in using our Pure Skin Quench.


This is going to be the most important part of the skincare routine. We recommend in using Black Gold.



If you are using these products for the first time, then we advise for you to gradually build up the routine. Such as, starting off with a morning routine for the first week and then judging by the skin attempt to add the night time routine second week onward. This is because our skin needs time to adjust and accept new products. If you feel you wish to add another item such as saffron gold or a mask, we would strongly advice for you to only do that once your skin has calmed down. Usually with acne prone skin, they are sensitive and many things can trigger the break out. Changes must be implemented in stages.

Please also read below related to dry skin

Fine links and wrinkle and flaky skin recommendation:-

Same as above, the fully skincare routine. Use the saffron mask ones a week before the complexion bar to exfoliate the skin and to remove and dry dead skin on top.

Fine line and wrinkle Skin and pigmentation

Same as above, the full skincare routine. Add saffron gold application prior to applying Black gold.

  • Shake the saffron gold bottle
  • Apply ½ a drop on to the finger tips
  • Massage the finger tips together to have an even spread of the serum
  • Apply gently by patting under the eye areas or effected area only.
  • Wait for the serum to absorb before applying silver elixir to the rest of the face.

Fine line and wrinkle and sensitive skin.

With sensitive skin it is very unpredictable, as everyone’s sensitivity levels are different. With all of our products we always advice to do a 24hour trial test to check of your skin reacts. If it doesn’t then you can continue to do the full routine as above, however we would say to half the amount of usage in product application. As it may be too strong for sensitive skin and it needs longer to adjust.

Fine line and wrinkle and mature skin

Same as above, the full skincare routine. You may want to look into investing in Bukuchi Oil which is our retinol alternative. It gives you all the benefits of retinol but without the harsh side effects. We would suggest this to be added at night time instead of the black gold again. This should be only added to your routine once your skin has adapted to the routine and is ready to implement new products.  

Do I have to get all the products mentioned?

No. However in order to have a more realist result it is advised to complete each step.

 Less product = less result.

If you are looking for some key items then we would say complexion bar, pure skin quench toner and Black gold.