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SKINCARE DURING WINTER - Tips from our Experts

Winter skin care tip: Keep your skin in top shape through the cold, dry winter months
  • Keep the moisture you have

We recommend our Facial oils to keep that moisture locked in and keep your skin feeling soft and supple, whilst soothing and helping target your skincare needs.

Bakuchiol Gold Skin Resurfacing Facial Oil Retinol Alternative

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

It is important to keep yourself hydrated from the inside too! Keep up with the fluids as it is very important for your overall health and for keeping your skin looking hydrated on the outside. 

You can always add that extra boost of hydration with our serums which offer hydration, brightening and soothing properties to the skin. 

  • Don't forget sunscreen.

Often we think we do not need sunscreen during winter months but that is far from the truth! We need sunscreen whenever there is sun and that is throughout the year! Sun protection is vital for good skin health and health in general. We recommend our Brightening Mineral Sunscreen SPF50 which has added Saffron Oil to help target hyperpigmentation on the skin so you are essentially protecting your skin and brightening it at the same time!

Brightening Mineral Sunscreen SPF50

  • Moisturise your body thoroughly. 

Don't neglect your body! The skin on our body needs to feel moisturised too, we recommend our Saffron Body Oil to lock in that moisture. Tip: apply on slightly damp skin (after you come out of from the shower) to lock in that moisture. 

Saffron body oil fwbeauty

  • Switch your cleanser.

Your skin may need a change of cleanser for the winter months. This is because our skin's needs and wants can change with the weather. You may find your skin is more sensitive or dry. We recommend our natural cleansing powders. They keep your skin soft, will cater to your skin types and needs and are gentle enough to be used daily. 

Saffron cleansing powder fwbeauty

  • Take extra care.

Look at any changes in your skin and adapt accordingly. What may work for you during the hot summer months may need adapting during the colder months so it is important to read these signs early to prevent any long term skin damage that may be harder to reverse. 

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