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Look into my eyes

Which colours look good on you?

With most of us wearing masks, covid has made it harder to do makeup looks that stand out. But that hasn't stopped us from still being in love with eyeshadows. Making your eyes stand out has now become even more popular than ever.  With so many colors to choose from lets break it down for you which colors go the best with each individual eye color.
If you have hazel eyes, you have an iris that is a blend of green, brown and even a touch of  gold. Best colors to consider for hazel eyes are dark neutrals like brown and gray which highlight the darker tones in your eyes. For a bold combination of hazel, orange and lavender look so good making the green shades in your eyes pop!
Brown is a easy neutral color, almost any color eyeshadow will make your brown eyes pop, but there are certain colors that do better than others. The best colors to choose are green, gold and purple.

What color  eyeshadows are the best for blue eyes? The answer really depends on what shade of blue your eyes are. Blue eyes can be separated into three categories: light blue, gray-blue, and dark blue. If your eyes are a light blue orange based neutrals would be perfect. If you have grey blue eyes peachy hues will be your new best friend. Look at  the soft shades also in nude.If you have dark blue eyes consider yellow hues. 

Sooty, smoky shades enhance gray eyes. Add light depth with a hazy wash of misty grey or a silvery blue. Choosing a similar steely hue is the best way to subtly play up this rare eye color. including neutral brown, copper, peach, salmon, melon or even bright orange. This will make the flecks of blue in your grey eye color stand out.

Purple flatters every eye color (which is true), but it's extra gorgeous on green eyes. It goes back to the color wheel. Green's complementary color is red, so any shadow with red undertones really makes green eyes pop. Lavender, violet, aubergine no shades are off limits.


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