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How often should you wash your hair

Is washing your hair too often bad for you?
We took a poll on our Instagram page and the results are surprisingly good. Showing most of our followers are not over washing their hair. 
As a general rule, most experts recommend washing your hair every two to three days, though this will, of course, vary depending on your hair type.
Is it bad to let your hair get greasy?
As it turns out, hair grease is (like many things in life) healthy in moderation. The oily substance is technically called “sebum,” and it's naturally produced by a sebaceous gland that's located below the surface of the scalp and connected to the hair follicles.
Over-washing, especially with harsh shampoos, can damage hair and lead to hair loss, especially when combined with chemical treatments or hairstyles like tight braids that tug at the roots.
Oily hair
Oily Hair, gets a bad rap, but the sebum your scalp produces is vital to healthy, shiny hair. How much oil you produce depends on your age, genetics, sex and environment. Straight, thin hair needs to be washed more frequently than curly or wavy hair. People with tight curls or textured hair can space out washing their hair to once a week or every other week. 
Thin, fine hair
Fine hair can easily feel weighed down by too much oil. To make sure your fine hair is always looking at its best, wash your hair  every other day. Going much longer than that can leave your hair falling flat and worse, looking and feeling greasy. 
Straight, Thick Hair
Straighter hair textures tend to get oily looking faster because oil moves down quicker down the hair shaft. If you have very thick hair, oil may help give a refining effect. How ever thicker hair tend to have dry ends so adding oil to the ends is beneficial. Thick, straight hair can usually start to look oily on the second or third day. 
Wavy Hair
Wavy hair is usually a bit drier than straight hair. A good rule of thumb for wavy hair is to use a system that enhances your natural texture while adding a bit of moisture so it doesn’t frizz out 
Curly Hair
Curly hair is the driest of all the different hair types. Because of its spirals, oil from the scalp can’t work its way down, leaving the ends drier than straighter hair types. Depending on just how curly your hair is, you may not need to fully shampoo your hair as often. Wavy to curly hair may want to wash every third day. If you have a kinkier texture, you may only need to do a full-on shampoo once a week or fortnight.
Damaged Hair
Your hair can use all the moisture it can handle. Avoid further drying and stressing damaged hair out by washing as infrequently as you can manage, or when your hair starts to look and feel greasy. When you do wash your hair, try to be gentle and focus the product at the roots, where you need it most, to prevent drying out your ends. You can use a super hydrating deep repair mask to help damaged hair. 

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