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Why the skincare may not work

To shed some light on why your products aren’t working the way they should, we break down some of the reasons that may be messing with your skin.


Although it’s easy to gloss over storage instructions on any product label,it’s important not to ignore them, especially since direct sunlight (or hot and humid environments) can break down the active ingredients used in your products. Vitamin C serums often expire, and therefore will lose that powerful antioxidant effect, The best way is to store them is out of direct sunlight, and to even refrigerate them , which gives the added benefit of a cold, soothing application. 

Your skin is used to it

As odd as it may sound,  it’s possible for a product to stop working after your skin becomes used to it, making it important to rotate your products every so often. The body simply adjusts, and using the product becomes the new normal for your skin,Sometimes changing routines, products and order-of-use can lengthen the amount of time a product gives you positive skin benefits.


Timing may be one of the surprising reasons your skin care products aren’t working the way they should, as products like retinol, for example, are products that should be applied before bedtime and not during the day.
Retinols are very important, but they need to be applied at nighttime before bed, If you wear them during the day, they are deactivated by the sun. 
Along with the importance of switching up your product use based on the weather, expiration dates or hormonal changes, it’s key to maintain a daily routine and try to give your skin time to adjust to it. 


A lack of exfoliation can be another reason your serums and essences may not be working, layer of dead skin cells can prevent your product ingredients from effectively penetrating your skin. If skin care products are no longer helping, it can be helpful to consider exfoliating if you are not doing so already, exfoliating couple of times per week helps to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells, which enables better penetration of product ingredients.

It just wasn't suitable

Although skincare brands try to develop products which are suitable for many customers, there is always a chance that it just wasn't suitable for you. This doesn't mean that its a bad product but simply your skin structure is made differently and will not react the same way as others to give you results. There can be many reasons and one of the main one is DNA. some skin react better to some ingredient than others. One size does not fit all and the same goes for skincare. 


Finding the right routine and products takes time, energy and investment. We are very quick to jump on a band wagon but fail to be the expert of our own skin. this is important as no one will know it better than you!. It better to start off slow and then slowly make changes and defiantly do your research on the ingredients. 

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