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Is 'Skin Slugging' for everyone?

So what is 'SKIN SLUGGING'?
The term "slugging," involves coating your face in petrolatum, or Vaseline, to moisturise your skin overnight. Your face ends up looking shiny and slimy, like a 'slug'
Slugging is not a new concept and is very popular in K- Beauty world, where moisture is the most important aspect of skincare, and slugging is the ultimate way to max out your moisture. What better way to replicate that natural, dewy glow and combat dryness right?
1. Keep skin moisturised and hydrated all night long.
2. Helps to reduce trans epidermal water loss by 99%.
3. Creates a physical barrier on your skin to lock in hydration 
4. Makes the skin’s surface appear smoother and softer feeling! 
Is it good for every skin?
Slugging is a method that is recommended for those with very dry or dehydrated skin as it works well to keep skin moisturised and hydrated all night long. However this skin technique isn't for everyone. Skin slugging can irritate acne prone skin and potentially cause breakouts. It could also cause congestion issues for some.

FWBEAUTY recommendation.
Although this trend is mostly paired with Vaseline, we can suggest SAFFRON BALM which has the similar texture but with more added benefits. 

Who should use skin slugging?
How often should you use it?
It is recommended that you slug your skin 1-2 a week. If you have extremely dry skin can slug 2-3 days in a row and give it a break for 2-3 days before repeating the process.
How do you feel about slugging? Is slugging for you?

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