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3 ways to encourage hair growth

Rosemary has taken the world by storm but did you know that the use of Rosemary in hair care routines has been around for hundreds of years??

The key benefits of Rosemary are as follows:

Hair Growth - Rosemary is purported to improve hair growth by stimulating blood vessels in the scalp to activate better/more productive hair growth.

Rapid Hair Growth - Preliminary testing has shown that Rosemary can accelerate the speed at which your hair grows, tests have shown a 22.4 increase in new hair growth after treatment with Rosemary.

Preventing hair loss - Regular use of Rosemary on hair and hair scalp is said to improve symptoms of hair loss by improving the overall health and condition of the scalp while the astringent properties may help to strengthen and tone hair follicles, making them less likely to prematurely shed hair.

Swipe to see how to incorporate Rosemary into your hair care routine and say bye to hair loss and hello to extreme hair growth!

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