Benefits of Saffron

What is so special about saffron? Saffron has long been used in traditional healing and research suggests it could become part of mainstream medicine's weaponry. No spice is more special than saffron. It has a earthy yet aristocratic and subtle scent. It straddles sweet and savory effortlessly, and it bestows a striking golden hue on every dish it graces. A few strands of saffron will transform a long list of dishes.


Why is saffron good for me? It has long been used in traditional medicine around the world, and modern scientific study suggests that saffron could also have a role to play in fighting disease. Research suggests that the carotenoid compounds responsible for saffron's striking colour could play a part in inhibiting the growth of tumors. The active constituents in saffron could help alleviate gastric problems, heart disease, insulin resistance, depression, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia and anxiety. Eating saffron also appears to help vision by retarding the degeneration of the retina that occurs with age.


What are the benefits of saffron in beauty products? Skincare products with pure saffron offers Radiant Skin, brightens your Skin and helps treat acne and blemishes.

The anti fungal content of saffron makes it effective for the treatment of acne, blemishes, and blackheads. It also treats dull skin and saffron helps to bring luminosity to your skin complexion. Skincare oils with saffron helps to tone your skin and improves skin texture. It can also be used as treatment for dry skin and heal wounds and scars.

Saffron holds amazing healing properties that go a long way in healing wounds and removing scars and spots for a blemish. Warriors in the past have been known to use saffron extracts to treat wounds suffered in battle.


Why is saffron so expensive? Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world, retailing for more than £500 an ounce. It is so expensive because it is an extremely labor-intensive crop. Crocus sativa, or the saffron crocus, flowers in the fall. Each flower has three tiny, threadlike stigmas in the center. With a gram, 0.035 of an ounce, of the sought-after spice selling for up to £75, saffron is more expensive than gold because harvesting it is so laborious.


Why is FW Beauty saffron gold good?

We have infused 24K Gold with the world's most precious spice to give you Saffron Gold. This light serum contains natural, active, skin brightening properties to help fade dark under eyes, dark spots, hyper pigmentation, and brighten your skin.


Our product is 100% natural and organic. FW Beauty saffron gold is handmade and we extracted the oil from saffron ourselves to allow you to reap 100% of its benefits. As this is handmade, all natural products, the colour or scent may vary batch to batch. Like all skin related products, always do a patch test before use.